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240                         Index to Kindergarten Songs
There's a little old man. See Neidlinger. Snow man. SSS There's a little wee man in a little wee house. See Gaynor. Little
shoemaker. SCI There's a merrv little brown thrush. See Hubbard. Little brown
thrush. MSG There's a music up in the frozen hills. See Hadley. Easter. TLB There's a plump little chap in a speckled coat. See Conrade.
Bob White. GS There's a pretty Poll Parrott all yellow and green. See Bingham.
Pretty Poll Parrott. BM There's a purple tint on the woodland leaves. See Conrade. Sweet
summer's gone away. GS *There's a ship on the sea. Allen. StN
(Damrosch. There's a ship on the sea. StN)
(Fisher. There's a ship on the sea. StN) *There's a song in the air. Draper. EL
There's a time for every thing. See Signals of time. SHS There's a very old man. See Neidlinger. Windy day. SSS There's a wee little nest. See Gaynor. Bird's nest. SCI There's a wise old owl in the tree. See Gaynor. Owl. SCI There's a wonderful tree, a wonderful tree. See Schilling. Won­derful tree. WS There's always a sun and a moon. See Neidlinger. Day and
night. ESI There's no dew left on the daisies and clover. See Seven times
one. BSS *There she stands, a lovely creature. NG There's something very funny a-sitting over there. See Funk-
houser. Jack o'lantern. FSK There strayed a pretty shepherdess. See Shepherdess and the
cuckoo. RCS There they go in the pond below. See Sawyer. Duck game. EL *There was a crooked man. Elliott. MG There was a farmer had a dog. See Bingo. JB There was a field that waiting lay. See Roeske. How the corn
grew. PFP *There was a jolly miller. JB
There was a jolly miller once. See Jolly Miller. CBO—FS *There was a lady loved a swine. CBO There was a little fellow whose name was Guillori. See Father
Guillori. RCS
(Petit chasseur. BB) There was a little gardener who spent the summer days. See
Knowlton. News for gardeners. NS *There was a little girl. Chadwick. StN
(Warren. There was a little girl. StN) There was a little maiden. See Shepherd maiden. FS
(Bergere. BB)
(Shepherdess. RCS)

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