INDEX To Kindergarten Songs Including
Singing Games and Folk Songs

Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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238                         Index to Kindergarten Songs
Tennyson. Cradle song. EL
(Tennyson. Baby's waking song. SHS)
(Tennyson. What does little birdie sav? SM)
(Tufts. Little birdie. CL)
------Crossing the bar. TLB
------Home they brought her warrior dead. TLB
------Little birdie. CL
(Tennyson. Baby's waking song. SHS)
(Tennyson. What does little birdie say. SM)
(Tennyson. Cradle song. EL)
------Ring out, wild bells. TLB
------Sweet and low. FS—RCS
------What does little birdie say? SM
(Tennyson. Cradle song. EL)
(Tennyson. Baby's waking song. SHS)
(Tufts. Little birdie. CL) Terhune. Christmas carol. CC
------Coaching carol. CC
------Cradle carol. CC
------Kitchen carol. CC
------Minuet. CC
------New calash. CC
------Red and white. CC
------Sampler. CC
------Sedan chair. CC
------Spinet. CC
------Spinning carol. CC
------Tithing man. CC
------Train band. CC
------Watchman. CC
------Well sweep. CC
Thalberg. November, No. 1. GS
Than old Judea fairer. See Kies. Children's day. MSL Thank Thee, Father, for this day. See Gaynor. Prayer. LL *Thank you, pretty cow. Taylor. CL—CM—HR—SL1
For composers see Taylor. Thank you, pretty cow Thanks for constant care. Hill. SHS Thanks for daily blessings. Hill. SHS Thanks for food, I and II. Smith. LCD Thanks to Thee, O God we give. See Smith. Thanks for food
Thanksgiving. Child. GS Thanksgiving. Gaynor. LL Thanksgiving. Hill. HS Thanksgiving day. Hubbard. MSG
(Conrade. Thanksgiving day. GS)
(Morton. Thanksgiving song. WS)
(Sleigh ride. HR)

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