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Index to Kindergarten Songs                         235
Swing song. Fontaine. HMC2
Music only Swing thee low in thy cradle soft. See Hitte. Indian lullaby.
(Conrade. Indian cradle song. GS) Swing, swong! this is the way. See Smith. Tick, tock! SM Swing the shining sickle. See Gaynor. Thanksgiving song.
SCI Swinging. Conrade. GS Swinging 'neath the old apple tree. KM Swinging, swinging, swinging, swinging. See Swinging 'neath
the old apple tree. KM Switzer's farewell. EFS Swoop-a-hoo! swoop-a-hoo! See Bartlett. Song of the roller
skates. StN Sword and a gun. See Taubert. Soldier song. FS—SL2 Sword dance. NEB2 System. Stevenson. CGV
(Fisher. System. CGV)
Table army. LBS
Table exercises for attention. Reed. TGS
Tabram. Fisherman. KC
------Haymakers. KC
------Mowers. KC
*Taddypole and pollywog lived together in a bog. EL—HR
*Taffy was a Welshman. Elliott. MG
Tailor. Gaynor. LL
Tailor. Hailmann. HR
Tailor. Smith. SL2
Tailor's dance. BFD
Take care I tell you. See Duke and the castle. HC
Take me, take me, mother, pray. See Froebel. Toyman and
the maiden. MP Take, thou lovely child of spring. See Grieg. First primrose.
FS Tally-ho^ Schoenefeld. HMC1
Music only Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum. See Fir and the pine. RCS
(Fir tree. FS) Tantoli. FDM
Music only Tap, tap, listen to the rain-drops fall. See Hitte. Rain. DM Tarantella. Smith. HMC2
Music only Tarentella Meridionale. FDM
Music only

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