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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Stevenson. Windy nights. CGV—SF—SS
(Fisher. Windy nights. CGV)
(Ramsay. Windy nights. SF)
(Stanford. Windy nights. SS) ------Young night thought. SS
(Foote. Young night thought. SS) Stick dance. NEB2
Still as little mice. See Smith. Little mice. SL2 *Still, still with Thee. Barnby. TLB
Stille nacht, heilige Nacht! See Gruber. Stilly night. FS
(Haydn. Holy night. RCS) *Stilly night, starry and bright. Gruber. FS
(Haydn Holy night RCS)
Stitch, stitch, stitch, the shoe-makers go. See Wiggin. Trade
game. II. KC Stoeckel. Billy Buttercup. StN
------Little squirrels. StN
*Stop, stop, pretty water. Cole. CM
(Tufts. Stop, stop, pretty water. CL)
Storch, Storch, steiner. See Reinecke. Stork, stork, stately.
(Reinecke. Stork, stork, stander. FC) Stork and the frogs. PS *Stork, stork, stander. Reinecke. FC
(Reinecke. Stork, stork, stately. RCS) Storm. Koehler. HR
*Stormy evening closes now in vain. Chadwick. TLB Story. Can a little child like me? WS
(Bassford. Can a little child like me? EL) ——Come and join our carol. WS ------Easter hymn. WS
(Batchellor. Easter hymn. WS)
------Once in my life. StN
Story of night. Zelter. SHS
Story of the apple. Hill. SHS
Story of the bread. Hill. SHS
Story of the butter. Hill. SHS
Story of the Christ. Hill. SHS
Story of the clothes. SHS
Story of the day. SHS
Story of the house. Neidlinger. ES2
Story sad, I've got to tell. See Elliott. Thievish mouse. MG
Stowe. Still, still with Thee. TLB
Strachauer. Alder by the river. WS
(Sawyer. Alder by the river. EL)
Straight and tall in the garden beds. See Smith. Little gard­ener. SL2

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