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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Stevenson. Foreign lands. SS
(Stanford. Foreign lands. SS) ------Good and bad children. SF
(Ramsay. Good and bad children. SF) ------Good boy. SS
(Bartlett. Good boy. SS) ------Happy thought. CGV
(Fisher. Happy thought. CGV)
(Adaptation: Cole. Beautiful world. CM) ------Hayloft. LBS—SF
(Bell. Hayloft. LBS)
(Ramsay. Hayloft. SF) ------In port. SF
(Ramsay. In port. SF) ------In winter I get up at night. FSK
(See his Bed in summer.) ------Keepsake mill. LBS
(Bell. Keepsake mill. LBS) ------Lamplighter. LBS
(Bell. Lamplighter. LBS) ------Land of counterpane. LBS—SS
(Bell. Land of counterpane. LBS)
(Chadwick. Land of counterpane. SS) ------Land of Nod. CGV—SS
(Fisher. Land of Nod. CGV)
(Gilchrist. Land of Nod. SS) ------Land of story books. SS
(Bartlett. Land of story books. SS) ------Marching song. CGV—LBS—SS
(Bell. Marching song. LBS)
(Fisher. Marching song. CGV)
(Stanford. Marching song. SS) ------Moon. LBS
(Bell. Moon. LBS) ------My bed is a boat. CGV—LBS—SS
(Bell. My bed is a boat. LBS)
(Fisher. My bed is a boat. CGV)
(Gilchrist. My bed is a boat. SS) ------My kingdom. SF
(Ramsay. My kingdom. SF) ------My shadow. SS
(Stanford. My shadow. SS) ------My ship and I. SF—SS
(Ramsay. My ship and I. SF)
(Stanford. My ship and L SS) ------Nest eggs. SF
(Ramsay. Nest eggs. SF)

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