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Index to Kindergarten Songs
*Snowman stands out on the lawn. Gaynor. SC2 Snowstorm. RCS Snowwhite. Reinecke. FC Snurrbocken. FDM
Music only So bright and so round. Smith. SL1 So, good day, my Rosa. See Good day, my Rosa. KK So we say, good day, good day. See We say good day. KK So we weave the woolen. See Weaving game. HC So wise! Gilchrist. StN Soap-bubbles. Neidlinger. SSS Social game. HC Soft and hard balls. Smith. SL2 Soft-shell crab. Chadwick. TC
Softly courses thro' my soul. See Mendelssohn. Greeting. FS Softly now the snowflakes fall. See Hill. Earth's winter dress.
SHS *Softly sleep thou. Schubert. FS
(Schubert. Rest thee now. RCS) Softly, softly blows the wind. Smith. LCD *Softly, softly, softly. Koehler. HR Soldatenlied. See Taubert. Soldier song. FS—SL2 *Soldier boy, soldier boy. HC *Soldier, soldier, will you marry me? NG Soldier song. Taubert. FS—SL2 Soldiers are coming. Hiller. HMC2
Music only Soldiers' march. Schumann. HMC2
Music only *Soldiers true. Sherwood. HS Solomon. Just like this. KC Some day you'll be a man. Funkhouser. FSK Some flags are red, or white, or green. See Smith. Flag song.
SL2 Some little drops of water. See Smith. Rain coach. SL2 Some lullabies. Gaynor. SC2 Some think the world is made for fun and frolic. See Denza.
Funiculi, funicula. FS
(Merry life. TLB)
(Denza. Sailing o'er a summer sea. EFS) Sometimes when flowers are very glad. See Neidlinger. Rain­bow. ESI Son of God goes forth to war. See Martin. Royal conqueror.
MSL Song about winter. Cole. CM
Song birds are flying. See Russell. Autumn song. HS Song for a child's birthday. Hill. HS Song for the prism. Sherwood. HS

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