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222                          Index to Kindergarten Songs
Smoke. Montz. IMS Snail. Conrade. GS Snail. Hubbard. MSG
(Koehler. Snail. HR)
(Snail. BG—PS)
(Snail game. HC) a (Walker. Snail. WS Snail all cosily may dwell. See Smith. Slow little snail. LCD Snail crawls out with his house on his back. See Conrade. Snail.
GS Snail game. HC
(Koehler. Snail. HR)
(Hubbard. Snail. MSG)
(Snail. BG—PS)
(Walker. Snail. WS) Snail he lives in his hard round house. See Snail. HR Snick, snick, snack! Up my back. See Gaynor. Tailor. LL Snow. Cole. EL Snow. Walker. WS
(Hailmann. Oh, see the snow. HR)
(Hubbard. See the snow is falling fast. MSG) Snow clouds. Hill. SHS Snow clouds. Smith. SL1
Snow falls white and soft and light. See Snowstorm. RCS Snow-filled nest. Boot. StN Snowball song. Smith. SL2 Snowballs. Gaynor. SV Snowballs. Knowlton. NS
Snowballs, snowballs, oh such jolly fun. See Knowlton. Snow­balls. NS Snowballs. Sawyer. EL Snowbird. Knowlton. NS Snowdrops and violets. EL
Snowdrops are thinking. See Snowdrops and violets. EL Snowdrops, waking from your sleep. See Gaynor. Easter. GS Snowflakes. Dow. SL2 Snowflakes. Fisher. StN
(Molloy. Snowflakes. StN)
(Warren. Snowflakes. StN) Snowflakes. Gaynor. SCI Snowflakes. Neidlinger. , SSS Snowflakes. Reinecke. HR Snowflakes. Sawyer. EL Snowflakes. Smith. EL
Snowflakes are falling. See Adams. Christmas carol. HS Snowflakes falling down. See Neidlinger. Snowflakes. SSS Snowflakes white, from a height. See Winter. PS Snowman. Neidlinger. SSS

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