INDEX To Kindergarten Songs Including
Singing Games and Folk Songs

Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Smith. Polite. LCD
------Prayer. KC
------Prompt. LCD
------Rain coach. SL2
------Rain song. SL1
(Allen. Song of the rain. WS)
------Rainbow. LCD
------Raining! Raining! LCD
------Riddle-cum-riddle. LCD
------Ring around the posy bed. SL1
------Ring song, no. 7. KC
------Rock-a-by, baby. SL2
------Sap has begun to flow. SL2
------Saying good-night. LCD
------Setting the table. SL2
------Sewing song. SL2
------Sheep. LCD
------Shell. LCD
------Shoemaker. SL2
------Silver moon. SL2
------Silver night. SV
------Sing with cheery voices. See Smith. Oh, sing with cheery
voices. SL2 ------Sleep, baby, sleep. SL1
(Brewster. Sleep, my baby, sleep. BSS)
(Cornwell. Sleep, baby, sleep. EL)
(Sleep, baby, sleep. FS—RCS)
------Slow little snail. LCD
------Slumber song. SL1
------Smelling. SL2
(Hubbard. Smelling. MSG)
(Wiggin. Smelling. KC)
------Snow clouds. SL1
------Snowball song. SL2
------Snowflakes. SL2
------So bright and so round. SL1
------Soft and hard balls. SL2
------Softly, softly blows the wind. LCD
------Song of the clock. SL2
------Squirrel. SL2
------Stanzas from the nativity. TLB
------Stars and daisies. SL2
(Stars and daisies. SM)
------Summer song. SL1
------Sunbeams. SL2
------Sunshine far and near. LCD
------Sunshine song. SL1
------Sweet content. TLB

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