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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Smeltzer. Tommy Snooks and Bessie Brooks. SZ
------Tommy Tittlemouse. SZ
------Wooley Foster and Daffy Down Dilly. SZ
Smiling in the valley, streaming o'er the plain. See Reinecke. Sun
shine. HR Smith. After the rain. SV
------Afternoon song. KC
------Alice's supper. SL1
------All gone baby. SL1
------All the birds have come again. SL1
------America. FS—GS—MSG
(My country, 'tis of thee. TLB)
------Autumn wind. LCD
------Autumn winds are crying. SL1
------Baby and the u.oon. SL1
(Baby and the moon. SM)
-----Baby's birthday. LCD
-----Ball song. KC
-----Ball song. SL2
(Hubbard. Roll over, come back. MSG)
-----Basket. SL1
-----Bed. SL1
-----Bedtime. LCD
-----Bedtime. SV
-----Bell so high. SL1
(Bell song, no. 11. PS)
(Bell high in the steeple. WS)
(Hubbard. Bell high in the steeple. MSG)
-----Birdlings' good-night to the flowers. SL2
-----Boat ride. SL2
-----Bold snow-man. LCD
-----Bossy cow. LCD
-----Brave. LCD
-----Bridge. SL2
(Variant: Froebel. Bridge. MP) (Variant: Hubbard. Brook is flowing. MSG) ----Bridge. SM
— Brook. SL2
— Busy wind. LCD
— Butterfly dance. LCD
— Bye, baby, night has come. StN—SL2 (Hill. Bye, baby, bye. SHS)
— Cackling hen. LCD
— Can you count the stars ? SL1 (Canst thou count the stars? WS)
— Canary. LCD
— Careful. LCD
— Carpenter. SL1

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