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Index to Kindergarten Songs                         215
Slow and stately, quite sedately. See Smith. Grand ladies. LCD
Slow little snail. Smith. LCD
Slowly o'er the dark, dark waters. See Lake. TLB
Slowly, so slowly we tread our minuet. See Terhune. Minuet. CC
Slumber song. Brewster. BSS
Slumber song. Menard. BSS
Slumber song. Smith. SL1
Slumber song. Wiggin. KC
(Tufts. Now the sun is sinking. CD Slumber song of the birdlings. Wiggin. KC Small and great. Neidlinger. ES2 Smart. Hark ! hark ! my soul, angelic songs. TLB Smell the flow'r, my child, and see. See Reinecke. Flower song.
SM Smelling. Hubbard. MSG
(Smith. Smelling. SL2)
(Wiggin. Smelling. KC) Smelling. Meissner. ASC Smeltzer. As I was coming along. SZ
------Big John Stout. SZ
------Bobbie Shaftoe. SZ
------Boy Blue. SZ
------Farmer. SZ
------Four owls. SZ
------Hub a dub dub. SZ
------Humpty dumpty. SZ
------Jack and Jill. SZ
------Jack be nimble. SZ
------Jack Horner. SZ
------Jackie Jingle. SZ
------John Smith. SZ
------Little Bo-peep. SZ
------Little Indians. SZ
------Little Jack-a-Dandy. SZ
------ Little Miss Muffet. SZ
------Man in the moon. SZ
------Marjorie Daw. SZ
------Mary Contrary. SZ
------Miller of Dee. SZ
------My ship. SZ
------Old King Cole. SZ
------Old man of Tobago. SZ
------Old mother Hubbard. SZ
------Old woman who lives in the shoe. SZ
------Peter Piper. SZ
------Polly Flinders. SZ
------>Shoe the horse. SZ
------Three men of Gotham. SZ

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