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Index to Kindergarten Songs                       211
Sherwood. Christmas, merry Christmas. HS
------Good advice. HS
------Leaves, flowers and fruit. HS
------Little boy's walk in winter. HS
------May day invitation. HS
------New Year greeting. HS
------Our fir-tree. HS
------Soldiers true. HS
------Song for the prism. HS
------Thanksgiving for harvest. HS
------We thank thee. HS
Shield. See the rosy morn appearing. TLB
*Shine out, oh blessed star! Dugan. WS
Shine! shine! shine! Pour down your warmth, great sun. See
Gilchrist. We two together. TLB Ship. Hubbard. MSG
(Vessel. PS) Ship-a-sailing. EL
(Duck dance. BG)
(Fairy ship. BB)
(Reinecke. Barcarole. FC)
(Reinecke. I saw a ship-a-sailing. HR)
(Ship a-sailing. RCS) Ship, a ship, a-sailing. See Fairy ship. BB
(Duck dance. BG)
(Reinecke. Barcarole. FC)
(Reinecke. I saw a ship a-sailing. HR)
(Ship a-sailing. EL)
(Ship a-sailing. RCS) Shoe the horse. Smeltzer. SZ
(Shoe the old horse. HR) *Shoe the old horse. HR
(Smeltzer. Shoe the horse. SZ) Shoemaker. Hubbard. MSG Shoemaker. Libby. WS Shoemaker. Mokrejs. HMC1
Music only Shoemaker. Smith. SL2 Shoemakers' dance. BFD Shoemakers' dance. FDM
Music only *Shoo fly. Funkhouser. FSK Shoot the buffalo. USI Short. Little boy bubble. GS Should auld acquaintance be forgot. See Burns. Auld lang
syne. EFS—FS Shower and flower. Batchellor. WS Shut them! open! Shut them! See Smith. Finger song. SL2

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