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Singing Games and Folk Songs

Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Sawyer. Lady moon. WS
(Hubbard. Lady moon. MSG)
------Little ball, passing along. WS
------New moon. WS
------Old English carol. EL
------Pussy willow. WS
------Sailors. EL
—!—Snow balls. EL
------Snowflake. EL
------Waits. EL
------What the little things said. WS
------While shepherds watched their flocks by night. EL
------Wind. EL
(Bertini. I am the wind. HR)
(Cornwell. Wind. EL)
(Hubbard. I am the wind. MSG) Sawyer. Stangenberger. HR
(Hubbard. Sawing game. MSG)
(Sawing game. WS)
(Sawyer. PS) *Say, bonnie lassie. JB Say, busy bee, whither now are you going? See Busy workers.
(Bees. MSG) Say, can you see? See Key. Star spangled banner. EFS—FS—
GS—MSG Say, can you tell what the sweet birds are singing? See
Twilight and dawn. SHS Say, have you heard of the sing-away bird? StN Say, Mr. Cube, what now are you hiding? See Cube song, no. 1.
EL Saying good-night. Smith. LCD
Says birdie: Wee-tee, wee-tee. See Reinecke. Birds of pas­sage. FC Scale songs. Cole. CM Scarecrow. BB Scenes from the circus. Hollaender. HMC2
Music only Schaefermaedchen weidete. See Shepherdess and the cuckoo.
RCS Scharwenka. Rolling the hoop. HMC2
Music only Schilling. Wonderful tree. WS Schlaf ein, mein suesses Kind. See Taubert. Sleep, thou, my4
darling. RCS Schlaf in gute Ruh? See Dream-baby. FS *Schlaf, Kindlein, schlaf. BB
(Sleep, darling, sleep. RCS)

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