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198                         Index to Kindergarten Songs
Roly-poly honey bee. See Burdett. Summer song. StN
Roman soldiers. JB
Root. Child and the tree. SV
------Christmas song. SV
(Bingham. Why do bells for Christmas ring? BM)
------Dancing song. SV
------Flag song. SV
------Salute. GS
------Sunshine song. SV
------Wind song. SV
Rose-bush. Hubbard. MSG
Rose-bush has a baby. See Neidlinger. Rose-bush's baby. SSS
Rose-bush's baby. Neidlinger. SSS
Rose of Allandale. TLB
Rose song. Parker. TC
Roses are waking. See Commencement song. TLB
Rosetti. January. NS
Rossini. Bring blossoms sweet. GS
------Sleighing. HR
------Stars and posies. GS
*Rosy apple, lemon, or a pear. JB *Rosy, my posy. Hailmann. HR Rothe Sarafan. See Titoff. Flicker, flicker, firesprite. FS
(Music: Tasting. KC) Rough riders. Seeboeck. HMC2
Music only Round and round. HR Round and round and round we go a tripping-oh! See Gaynor.
Dancing song. LL *Round and round it goes. Hubbard. MSG
(Conrade. Millwheel. GS)
(Millwheel. EL) Round and round, round and round. See Ball song. (Motion.)
EL Round and round, round and round. See Valentine. Goldfish.
VBD Round and round, the millwheels turn. See Round and round. HR *Round and round the village. BG—HC—JB—USI
(Go round and round the valley. NG) Round*and round, we're slowly winding. See Frobel. Winding.
HR Round and round we're lightly pacing. See Guessing game. HR Round game. Gaynor. LL
Round goes the ball in ev'ry place. See Hurd. Ball song (Spin­ning.) EL Round, on the diatonic scale. Goodban. RCS Round, round, wind the clock. See Gaynor. Winding the clock.

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