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Index to Kindergarten Songs
*Rippling, purling little river. RCS
(Gilchrist. Rippling, purling little river. SM)
(Mozart. Rippling, purling. HR) Rippling, sparkling in the sun. See Reinecke. Finger piano.
SM Rischart. Now welcome to the new-born year. HR *Rise crowned with light. Lvoff. TLB Rittmeyer. Night song. TLB *River, river, tell me pray. Gaynor. SCI Robbers. Parker. TLB Robert of Lincoln. Conrade. GS Robin. Tufts. CL Robin Adair. EFS Robin Redbreast. BSS Robin Redbreast. Bacon. EL Robin Redbreast. Gaynor. SCI Robin Redbreast. Kuecken. HR Robin, robin redbreast, hopping in the snow. See Gaynor.
Robin Redbreast. SCI Robin, robin redbreast, how your voice does ring. See Robin
Redbreast. BSS *Robin, robin redbreast, swinging on the bough. Mather. WS Robins and pussy willow. Brewster. BSS
Robins in the tree top. See Warren. Marjorie's almanac. StN Robin's nest. Funkhouser. FSK Robin's song. Neidlinger. SSS Rock-a-bye baby on the tree top. See Cole. Rock-a-bye baby.
(Bingham. Rock-a-bye baby.)
(Hubbard. Rock-a-bye baby. MSG)
(Rock-a-bye baby. HR)
(Smith. Rock-a-bye baby. SL2) Rock-a-bye baby, see the leaves grow. See Atkinson. Cradle
song. SV *Rock-a-bye baby, the moon is a cradle. Parry. TC
(Seeboeck. Rock-a-bye baby. TC)
(Wills. Rock-a-bye baby. EL) Rock-a-bye baby up in the tree top. See Knowlton. In the
tree top. NS
(Clarke. In the tree top. StN) Rock-a-bye baby, upon the tree top, when the bow bends. See
Rock-a-bye, baby, on the tree top. *Rock-a-bye lady from the Hush-a-bye Street. Gilchrist. FSC Rock-a-bye, lullaby, bees in the clover. Allen. Lullaby. StN
(Fairlamb. Lullaby. StN) Rock-a-way, rock-a-way, here we go. See Elliott. Rocking-horse. SL2 Rock the baby. See Neidlinger. Rocking baby. SSS

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