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Index to Kindergarten Songs                         195
*Riddle—cum-riddle. Smith. LCD
*Ride a cock-horse to Banbury Cross. Elliott. MG
(Banbury Cross. OYA) Rider. Berry KC Rider on the rockinghorse. Loeschhorn. HMC1
Music only Riders five on steeds so gay. See Smith. Five riders and good
child. SL1 Riding on the rail. Ingraham. StN
(Bartlett. Riding on the rail. StN) Rieff. Christmas song. KC
------Christmas tree march. KC
Riego's hymn. FS
*Right, left, together. Fischer. HR
Rigs o'marlow. NEB1
Riley. Grasshopper green. LL
------Mad tea party, LL
------My valentine. LL
------Pussy willow. LL
Ring. Boating song. SCI
Ring. Elliott. SL2
*Ring a ring of roses, a pocket full of posies. JB—LBS
(Variant: Ring around the rosie. NG) *Ring around a rosy sweet. USI Ring around the posy bed. Smith. SL1 Ring around the rosie. NG
(Ring a ring of roses. JB—LBS) Ring, glad bells. Herron. WS Ring, kling, ling, ling. See Reinecke. Christmas at the door.
HR Ring made of seven pretty girls. See Seven pretty girls. KK *Ring, merry Christmas bells. Jenks. EL *Ring out, wild bells. TLB Ring, ring, ring, ring, merry bells. See Hitte. Merry Christmas
bells. DM Ring! ring! ye bells of Christmas. Funkhouser. FSK Ring, ring, ye merry bells. See Rust. Froebel's birthday song.
EL Ring song. Hurd. PTS Ring song. Sheehan. OSM Ring song, no. 1. Weber. KC Ring song, no. 2. KC Ring song, no. 3-6. Wiggin. KC Ring song, no. 7. Smith. KC Ringel Tanz. BB Ripe apples. Cole. CM Ripened leaves. Knowlton. NS

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