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Singing Games and Folk Songs

Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Reinecke. Dragonfly in the sunshine. HMCl
Music only ------Dream. HMCl
Music only
------Evening prayer. FC—HR—SL1
—— Evening star. FC
------Evening star. RCS
------Fairy. FC
------Farmer. SL2
------Field daisy. FC
------Finger piano. SM
------First Christmas. GS
(Morton. First Christmas. HS—WS)
------Five in a*row. SL2—SM
—— Flower song. SM
------Forget-me-not. FC—SL1
(Jacob. Forget-me-not. WS)
------Forming the ring. WS
------George's song. FC
(Reinecke. Boy and the wren. RCS)
------God the Father in Heaven. FC
------Good King Arthur. FC
(Gaynor. King Arthur. LL)
(King Arthur. CBO)
------Good old cock. FC
------Guessing the singer. SM
------Hark, hark, like the lark. SL1
------Hiding game. SM
------How it looks in the mill. FC
------How Johnnie and Polly shake the apples. FC
------Hurdy gurdy. HMCl
Music only ------1 saw a ship a sailing. HR
(Duck dance. BG)
(Fairy ship. BB)
(Reinecke. Barcarole. FC)
(Ship a-sailing. EL) — In the mill. HMCl
Music only
------Little gardener. SM
------Longing for spring. RCS
------Mamma and the baby. FC
------Marching song. KC
------Marching song. (Rataplan.)
(Reinecke. Rataplan. FC—HR) ------Marionetts. HMCl
Music only ------Mill. FC
(Adaptation, in SL1)

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