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Singing Games and Folk Songs

Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Ramsay. Windy nights. SF
For other composers see Stevenson. Windy nights. Randegger. At night. TC
------Morning prayer. SL1
------Prayer. KC
(Randegger. Song of thanks. EL) ------Song of thanks. EL
(Randegger. Prayer. KC) Ranged in rows. Wiebe. KC Ranged in two long facing rows. See Wiebe. Ranged in rows.
KC Rataplan. Reinecke. FC—HR
(Reinecke. Marching song (Rataplan.) KC) Rap, rap, rap, rap, how the shingles snap. See Hubbard. Nail-
or. MSG Reach out your hands. See Wiggin. Ball song, no. 1. KC Reading. Dulce domum. TLB
------Oh, come, all ye faithful. TLB
Reap the flax. BFD Reapers. Gayrhos. HMC1
Music only Reapers. Kies. MSL Reaper's dance. Oehmler, HMC2
Music only Reaping the flax. KK Reason why. Brown. WS Recipe for a valentine. Gaynor. SCI Recessional. Huss. TLB
Red and speckled lady bug. See Gaynor. Lady bug. SC2 Red and white. Terhune. CC Red Sarafan. EFS *Red, white and blue. Atkinson. GS Reed. Bell-ringer. TGS
------Christmas. HS—TGS
------Cloudy day. TGS
------First gift exercises. TGS
------Fishes. TGS
------Froebel's birthday. HS
------Garden bed. TGS
------Good morning song. TGS
------Good-bye song. TGS
------Kite. TGS
(Variant: Hurd. Kite. PTS)
(Adapted from Froebel. Lengthwise, crosswise. MP)
(Variant: Hubbard. Target. MGS)
------Lullaby. TGS
------Mill TGS
(Reinecke. Mill-wheel. SM)

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