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188                         Index to Kindergarten Songs
Pussy willow. Knowlton. NS
Pussy willow. Riley. LL
Pussy willow. St. John. BSS
Pussy willow. Sawyer. WS
Put on your bonnet and take your doll. See Knowlton. Af­ternoon tea. NS
Put the clothes into the tub. See Smith. Washing day. SL2
Put the pretty pink shell to your pretty pink ear. See Smith. Shell. LCD
Put your feet upon the line. See Gaynor. Call to the circle. SCI
Put your hand in mine and let us form our ring. See Sheehan. Ring song. OSM
Putting the fingers to sleep. Hailmann. HR
Quack! said the duckling. See Gaynor. Duckling. LL
Quadrille (Swedish) FDM
Quaker courtship. NG
*Queen Mary, Queen Mary. JB
*Queen o' May held court one day. Warren. StN
(Stanley. Queen o ' May. StN) Queen of the May. Gaynor. LL Queer pussies. Gebauer. HS Quercy. Carol of the birds. TLB
Quickly from our bed we rise. See Marching, no. 24. PS Quiet little sunbeam comes through the window clear. See
Stetson. Lightbird. HS Quiet Sabbath morn is here. See Gaynor. Church. SCI
Rabbi Ben Ezra. Hadley. TLB Rabbit. Froebel. MP Rabbit. Gurlett. HMC1
Music only Race. Koehler. HR Ragman. Taynor. SC2 Railway. Wiseneder. HR Rain. Hitte. DM Rain. St. John. BSS Rain. Stevenson. CGV
(Fisher. Rain. CGV) Rain clouds. Hill. SHS Rain coach. Smith. SL2 Rain fairies. Reinecke. HMC1
Music only Rain is falling. See Gaynor. November. LL Rain is raining all around. See Stevenson. Rain. CGV
(Fisher. Rain. CGV) Rain on the roof. Hill. SHS

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