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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Pretty little blue eyed dolly. See Hitte. Dolly song. DM Pretty little goldi-locks shining in the sun. See Knowlton.
Dandelion cycle. NS Pretty little Johnnie, Polly, come with me. See Reinecke. How
Johnnie and Polly shake the apples. FC Pretty little Madelene. See Roeckel. Madelene. TLB Pretty little violets. See Brown. May. WS Pretty maiden, sweet and gay. See Carrousel. BFD Pretty moon. Hubbard. MSG
(Sawyer. New moon. WS) Pretty Poll Parrott. Bingham. BM *Pretty Polly Pansy. Conrade. GS Pretty robin, do not go. See Tufts. Robin. CL Pretty skylark, winging, singing skylark. See Lark. EFS *Pretty swallow, fly away. Bingham. BM Pretty white snow flakes. See Smith. Snow flakes. SL2 Princes royal. NEB1 Prism game. Gaynor. SC2 Prompt. Smith. LCD Proposal. NEB1
Psalter. These see His wonder in the deep. TLB Pumpkin head, pumpkin head there in the dark. See Gaynor.
Jack O'Lantern. LL Punkydoodle and Jollapin. Bartlett. StN
(Burdett. Punkydoodle and Jollapin. StN)
(Mosenthal. Punkydoodle and Jollapin. StN)
(Stanley. Punkydoodle and Jollapin. StN) Purcell. Hunting the hare. RCS
------Knowledge and wisdom. RCS
Purer yet and purer I would be in mind. See Lyndhurst. TLB Puss at court. CBO
(Elliott. Pussy cat, pussy cat. MG) Pussy. Gaynor. SC2
Pussy by the fire. See Neidlinger. Bad pussy. SSS Pussy cat. BB
Pussy cat high, pussy cat low. See Pussy cat. BB *Pussy cat mew jumped over a coal. LBS *Pussy cat, pussy cat, where have you been? Elliott. MG
(Puss at court. CBO) Pussy cat, where have you been today? See Lazy cat. HR
(Elliott. Lazy cat. MG) Pussy has a cozy home. See Gaynor. Pussy. SC2 Pussy on the roof. PS Pussy, where have you been today? See Elliott. Lazy cat. MG
(Lazy cat. HR) Pussy white so slyly comes. See Hubbard. Cat and the mouse.
MSG Pussy willow. Gaynor. SV

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