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Index to Kindergarten Songs                         181
Plane, plane, plane, joiner follow the grain. See Kohl. Joiner.
(Variant: Hubbard. Zish, zish. MSG) Plantation dance. HMC2
Music only Planting of the apple tree. Roeske. HS Planting the corn and potatoes. See Hubbard. Busy children.
MSG Plants awakening. Vose. EL Play in all seasons. Smith. LCD Play with the limbs. Froebel. SM Play with the limbs. Froebel. MP Playing golf. Loomis. HMC2
Music only Playtime. RCS
Playtime ring song. Sheehan. OSM Pleasant light. PS Pleasant weather. Rust. EL Pleyel. On guard. GS Plough boy in luck. CBO Plowman. Neidlinger. ESI Plump little baby clouds. See Elliott. Rainshowers. SL2
(Verdi. Raindrops. GS) Plums in winter. Smith. LCD
Plus ne suis ce que jai ete. See Youth has gone. FS Poe. Bells. TLB
Poet lived beside the sea. See Atkinson. Longfellow. GS Points of the compass. Knowlton. NS Policeman. Valentine. VBD Polite. Smith. LCD Polka, (Bohemian) HMC2
Music only Polka. Lichner. HMC2
Music only Polkett. I and II. FDM *
Music only Pollen. Busy housewife. HMC1
Music only ------Morning greeting. HMC2
Music only ------Rocking horse. HMC2
Music only Pollock. Little birdie in a tree. HR ------Sailor boy. HR
(Hubbard. Swing, cradle, swing. MSG) Polly. Hubbard. MSG Polly. Neidlinger. SSS Polly. Valentine, VBD

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