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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Patch. Surprise. TGS
------Two little windows.
------Wonderful bag. TGS
Patter, patter goes the rain. See Neidlinger. Rainy day. SSS Patter, patter, here they come. SL2
Patter, patter, let it pour. See Sawyer. April shower. EL
Paulsen. First primrose. FS
Paxton. Come mirth. RCS
Payne. Home, sweet home. EFSFS
Peace of night. Reinecke. FCFS
Persall. Oh, who will o'er the downs so free. FS
Pebble game. Reed. TGS
Peek-a-boo, peek-a-boo light. Sec Gilchrist. Little window. SM
SM Peep of day. Tufts. CL *Peeping at Susie, Susie, Susie. USI Peeping from his curtain'd pavilion. See Pastral. TLB Pendulum. PS Pendulum. WS Pendulum. Kohl. HR
Perhaps the biggest garden in the world. See Neidlinger. Sea-garden. ES2
Perrie, merrie, dixi. RCS (Four presents. BB)
Perushka. FDM Music only
Peter goes out fresh and early. See Smith. Children's supper. SL2
Peter, Peter, quickly go. Sec Froebel. Mowing grass. SM
Peter Piper. Smeltzer. SZ
*Peter Polt had a little colt. LBS
*Peter White that never goes right. Brown. RCS
Petit chasseur. BB
(Father Guillori. RCS) Pettibone. Sewing song. SCI Phillida flouts me. Marzials. CPP *Phillis on the new made hay. Marzials. CPP
Phippen. Child-land echoes with music. EL
------Little brown seed. EL
*Phoebus, arise! Phoebus, arise, arise! Sternberg. TLB
Phoebus, golden sun of morning. See Brewster. Morning. BSS Pianoforte. Froebel. MP
Pickanannies' picnic. Loomis. HMC2 Music only
Picture books in winter. Stevenson. SF (Stevenson. Pictures in winter. LBS) For composers see Stevenson. Picture books in winter.

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