INDEX To Kindergarten Songs Including
Singing Games and Folk Songs

Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Over the standing corn. See Knowlton. Call of the
NS Over the water and over the lea. See Charley over the
BB Over there the sun gets up. See Sun. SL2 Owen. All through the night. TLB
(All through the night. TLB)
Owl. Gaynor. SCI Oxdansen. BFD. Oxdansen. FDM Music only
Paddy dear, and did you hear? See Wearing of the green. Page. Air du roi Louis XIII. HMC2
Music only ------Barnyard. HMC1
Music only ------Barnyard people. HMC2
Music only ------Bolero. HMC2
Music only -^-Highland fling. HMC2
Music only
------Hornpipe. HMC2
Music only • ------Jig: "Garry Owen." HMC2
Music only
------Kite. PTS—TGS
------Sir Roger de Coverly. HMC2
Music only ------ Thing of beauty. TLB
Pail. Smith. SL2
Paine. Freedom, our queen. TC
(Strong. Freedom, our queen. TC)
Painter sun. Neidlinger. ESI Palette of painter Sun. Neidlinger. ES2 Palmer. Childhood's gold. StN ------Little maid Margery. StN
Paloma. See Yradier. Dove. FS Pansies. Conrade. GS Pansies. Hubbard. MSG Papillon. Schumann. HMC1
Music only *Paradise, O Paradise. Barnby. TLB
(Hubbard. Paradise. MSG) Parker. Blacksmith. WS
(Hubbard. Song of the blacksmith. MSG)

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