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176                         Index to Kindergarten Songs
Out in my garden, daisies I see. See Hitte. Flower song. DM
Out in the farmyard. See Smith. Lordly cock. LCD
*Out in the fields. BSS
Out in the fragrant clover fields. See Hill. Bees' market. SHS
Out in the garden hangs the swing. See Gaynor. Swing. SC2
*Out in the meadows. Walker. WS
(Conrade. Daisies in the meadow. GS) Out in the meadows so fresh and dewy. See Conrade. Daisies
in the meadows. GS
(Walker. Out in the meadows. WS) Out in the woods where the nut trees grow. See Winter fore­thought. SHS Out of my window at night. See Neidlinger. Evening star.
SSS Out of the window. Knowlton. NS Out on the breeze. See Root. Flag song. SV *Over and back. Walker. WS Over and over the little wheels go. See Winslow. Going to
market. HS Over and over the same old road. See Neidlinger. Same old
road. ES2 Over blue eyes, gray or brown. See Bullard. Taste—Guessing
game. SM *Over field and meadow. USI
(Hubbard. Over field and meadow. MSG) *Over hill and dale we're tripping. KK Over in the meadow by the old mossy gate. See Hubbard.
Lizzards. MSG *Over in the meadow in the sand, in the sun. Knowlton. NS
(Variant. Hubbard. Lizzards. MSG) Over one, under one. See Weaving song. WS Over one, under one. See Gaynor. Weaving. SCI Over the bare hills far away. Brown. WS
Over the borders, a sin without pardon. See Stevenson. Keep­sake mill. LBS
(Bell. ( Keepsake mill. LBS) Over the ditch. See Cubes and balls. SC2 Over the hill in the green of the grass. See Gaynor. Queen
of the May. LL Over the hills and far away. CBO Over the mountains, and over the waves. See Marzials. Love
will find out the w7ay. CPP Over the pond where we used to play. See Reed. Skating game.
TGS Over the river and through the wood. See Sleighride. HR
(Conrade. Thanksgiving song. GS)
(Hubbard. Thanksgiving day. MSG)
(Morton. Thanksgiving song. WS)

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