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Index to Kindergarten Songs                         173
Once there lay a little baby. See Sawyer. First Christmas. EL
Once there lived a little man where a little river ran. See Little disaster. BB
*Once there was a little kitty. Walker. WS
Once upon our earth there came. See Smith. Froebel's birth­day song. SL2
Once unto the shepherds. See Gaynor. Christmas carol. SCI
Once within a lowly stable. See Hill. Christmas night. SHS One bird has joined another. See Wiebe. Two birds. KC One by one, one by one. See Here we go. HR One by one we march along. See Koehler. Arch. HR
(Marching, no. 23. PS) One by one we move along. See Marching, no. 23. PS
(Koehler. Arch. HR) One candle for baby. See Smith. Baby's birthday. LCD One day as Mrs. Squirrel. See Neidlinger. Mrs. Squirrel. SSS One day when I was lonesome. See Bingham. How I learned
to sew. BM One finger, one thumb keep moving. See Keep moving. BG
One has found another place. See Cole. Scale song, no. 8. CM
One has moved again, you see. See Cole. Scale song, no. 6.
CM One hundred years ago and more. Schuckburgh. HS One cat in the corner. See Knowlton. Game to teach five. NS One little kitten scrubbing down its nose. See Clarke. Two
kittens. StN One little sparrow had learned to fly. See Neidlinger. First
flying lesson. SSS One little, two little, three little Indians. HC One little, two little, three little Indians. See Smeltzer. Little
Indians. SZ *One man went to mow. JB One merry summer day. See Bacon, Two little roses. EL
One misty, moisty morning. See Elliott. Old man clothed in
leather. MG
(Old man in leather. BB) One morning laughing West wind blew. See Neidlinger. Winds.
ESI One night in far Australia. See Neidlinger. Telegraph. ESI
One night when the dew had washed the face. See Neidlinger.
Daisy and the wind. SSS One piece this way and one piece that. See Bullard. Target.
SM. One Robin Red-breast hopped on the ground. See Hurd. Bird
song, (Color). EL One thing at a time. Tufts. CL

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