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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Oh, where are you going Billy Boy? See Billy Boy. OYA Oh, where do you come from? See Tufts. Little raindrops. CL Oh, where is Little Boy Blue? WS
(Cornwell. Little Boy Blue. EL) Oh where is Marguerite? See Marguerite. JB Oh where is my little dog gone? OYA Oh, where, oh,-where is little Boy Blue? See Cornwell. Little Boy
Blue. EL
(Dugan. Little Boy Blue. WS) Oh where, O where's my little dog gone? See O where is my little
dog gone? OYA Oh, where, tell me where is your Highland laddie gone? See Blue
Bells of Scotland. FS Oh, who is so merry, so merry, heigh-ho. See Reinecke. Fairy. FC Oh! who's the friendly little chap? See Smith. Polite. LCD Oh, who will buy my toys? See Toyman. HS Oh, who will o'er the downs so free. Pearsall. FS Oh, who will take a walk with me? See Hill. Toyman's shop. HS Oh, who wouldn't be a bounding ball. See Gaynor. Ball. SC2 Oh! who wouldn't be a soldier when the band begins to play? See
Gaynor. When the regiment goes marching by. LL Oh! whom shall I choose for the beautiful band? See Gaynor.
Game of the golden band. LL Oh, why does the charcoal-burner stay up in the woods? See Bul-
lard. Charcoal-burner. SM Oh, willow, willow. Marzials. CPP Oh, wonderful shell. See Meissner. Hearing. ASC Oh, won't you take me to your party? See Party. USI Oh, worship the King all glorious above. See Haydn. O come let
us worship. TLB *Oh, wouldn't you like to go? Frazer. BSS Oh, you buttercups, yellow. See Gaynor. Buttercups. SC2 Oh, you pussy willow. See Sawyer. Pussy willow. WS Old black crow flew o'er the corn. See Gaynor. Crow. SC2 Old carol. Conrade. GS *01d Caspar had six sons so fine. LBS
Old coats to mend, old coats to mend. See Hailmann. Tailor. HR *01d ^an Tucker. OYA *01d Dan Tucker came to town. USI Old English carol. Sawver. EL *01d families. Neidlinger. ES2 Old folks at home. Foster. TLB—EFS Old Fred'ric Barbarossa. See Gersbach. Barbarossa. RCS Old friends. Neidlinger. ES2 Old gravitation. Neidlinger. ES2 Old Gaelic lullaby. Tufts. CL
(Hahn. Gaelic cradle song. BSS)
(Harris. Gaelic cradle song. TLB)

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