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Singing Games and Folk Songs

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Oh tell me, little children. See Foote. Nikolina. StN
*Oh! tell me the tone that the cricket sings. Schwartz. BSS
Oh, the Eskimo has a house of snow. Sec Meissner In Greenland.
ACS Oh, the fox thro' the forest! See If I may. KK Oh! the gay and gladsome spring. See Gaynor. Who would not
be glad? LL *Oh the lovely, lovely May. WS Oh, the merry lay of June. Knowlton. NS Oh, the morning-glory bells. See Gaynor. Morning-glory bells.
SC2 Oh, the North wind 'how he blows. See Gaynor. Wind. SCI Oh, the tree loves me. See Gaynor. Tree's friends. SCI Oh the wide, wide world. Gaynor. SCI Oh, there he comes! I hear his horn. See Bingham. Balloon man.
BM Oh, this is the little chicken coop. See Gaynor. Some lullabies.
SC2 Oh! Tooriletoo was a bonnie cock robin. See Tooriletoo, RCS Oh, violet, darling violet. See Schults. Violet. FCKCMSL
For composers see Schults. Violet. Oh! we are little waiters. See Wiggin. Little waiters. KC Oh, we are the shears big and strong. See Gaynor. Song of the
shears. SCI Oh, we wear brown velvet jackets. Sec Gaynor. Cat-tails. SC2 *Oh, wert thou in the cauld blast. Mendelssohn. TLB Oh what a plague is love. See Marzials. Phillida flouts me. CPP Oh, what a pretty black-bird. See Black-bird song. BSS Oh, what do birdies dream of? See Hubbard. What do birdies
dream? MSG Oh, what do you ever suppose, Mama? See Meissner. Smelling.
ASC Oh what do you think came down last night? See Dayre. Snow.
EL Oh, what fun it is to be just a tiny girl. See Terhune. Sedan
chair. CC Oh, what fun, what jolly fun. See Gaynor. Coasting. SC2 "Oh, what have you got for dinner, Mrs. Bond?" See Mrs, Bond.
CBO Oh, what is this? See Froebel. Barnyard gate. MP
(Hubbard. Barnyard gate. MSG) Oh! when do birds with weary wing. See Smith. Friendly dark.
LCD Oh! when I was a farmer. See Gaynor. 'Twas this way and that
way. LL
For variants see When I was a lady. Oh! where are the merry, merry little men? See Roeske. Mer/v
little men. PFP

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