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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Oh, little frostv snow-flakes. See Smith. To a snow-flake.
LCD Oh! little loveliest lady mine. See Damrosch. Valentine. StN
(Fairlamb. Valentine. StN) Oh! little Miss Careful. See Smith. Careful. LCD *"Oh, little town of Bethlehem." Martin. MSL *Oh, look at the moon. Gilchrist. SM Oh! lovely ball of golden light! See Hill. Sunrise. HS Oh! lovely ball of golden light! We sing to you a sweet good
night. See Hill. Sunset. HS Oh lovely bright star, you shine from afar. See Reinecke.
Evening star. FC Oh, lovely little violet. See Schults. Violet. FC—KC—MSL—
For composers see Schults. Violet. Oh Mary dear, come here, come here. See Reed. Surprise. TGS "Oh Mar}'-, go and call the cattle home." See Sands of Dee. TLB Oh, Mary, look around you. See Wiggin. Seeing game. KC Oh Miss, I'll give you a paper of pins. See I'll give to you a
paper of pins. NG *Oh mistress mine, where are you roving? Marzials. CPP Oh, Monday's Dolly's washing day. See Gaynor. Little house­wife. SCI *jDh moon! in the night. Brewster. BSS Oh, moth of the night. See Gaynor. Night moth. SC2 *Oh mother dear, Jerusalem. See Ward. Jerusalem above. TLB Oh, mother, how pretty the moon looks tonight. See Sawyer.
New moon. WS
(Hubbard. Pretty moon. MSG) Oh, mother my love, if you'll give me your hand. See Gilchrist.
Child and mother. FSC Oh, my little sixpence. See Elliott. Jolly tester. MG
(Jolly tester. BB) *Oh, my luve's like a red red rose. Garrett. TLB Oh oh, let the breezes, the breezes blow. See Gaynor. Kite. LL Oh! Paddy dear, and did you hear the news that's going round?
See Wearing of the green. EFS *Oh Paradise! Oh Paradise. Barnby. TLB
(Hubbard. Paradise. MSG) Oh, pilgrim from the Indies! Weidig. TC Oh Pillykin Willykin Winkie Wee! See Bartlett. Punkydoodle
and Jollapin. StN
(Burdett. Punkydoodle and Jollapin. StN)
(Mosenthal. Punkydoode and Jollapin. StN)
(Stanley. Punkydoodle and Jollapin. StN) Oh! poor chickabiddy, where's she gone? See Brahms. Lost
chicken FS Oh, pretty bird, O shining bird. See Kohl. Light bird. SM

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