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Singing Games and Folk Songs

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Now go to sleep, my Thumbkin. See Smith. Go to sleep, Thumbkin. SL1—SM
Now hide the flowers beneath the snow. See Brown. Hide and seek. EL
Now in the dance we'll float around. See Smith. Little danc­ing song. LCD
Now it is turning 'round and 'round. See Hubbard. Ball. MSG
Now Jenny her walk is taking. See Wiggin. Every day prob­lems. KC Now, join hands and let us all play a little with the ball. See
Little game for little folks. WS
Now, my baby, now. See Dream-baby. FS
Now my child would have us baking. See Hubbard. Pat-a-cake. MSG (Froebel. Pat-a-cake. MP)
Now my little rogue may smell. See Froebel. Song of per­fume. MP
Now 'neath the silver moon. See Santa Lucia. EFS—TLB (See where the star of eve. FS)
*Now, oh, now I needs must part! Marzials. CPP
Now our happy playtime ring we'll form. See Sheehan. Play­time ring song. OSM *Now our morning work is ended. Hubbard. MSG
Now our work is ended for another day. See Gaynor. Good­bye, no. 1. SCI
Now our work is over. See Closing song. KC
Now see them here, these friends so dear. See Froebel. Greet­ing. SM
*Now take this little ball. Hubbard. MSG
Now taste, little playmate. See Jenks. Game for the senses. EL
Now the ball comes round to meet us. See Wiggin. Wander­ing game. KC
Now the busy morn is over. See Dugan. Parting song. WS
Now the clock upon the wall. See Reed. Good-bye song. TGS
Now the cylinder comes with his faces three. See Cylinder song. EL
*Now the day is over. Barnby. SL1—TLB (Knowlton. Now the day is over. NB)
*Now the sun is sinking. Tufts. CL (Wiggin. Slumber song. KC)
Now the flowers lift their heads. See Conrade. In the spring­time. GS
Now the garden beds are blooming. See Froebel. Little gard­ener. MP (Hubbard. Garden bed. MSG)

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