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Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Neidlinger. Wise old owl. SSS
------Year's color song. ESI
Nelham. Windmill. RSC Nell and her bird. Tufts. CL Nest. PS. Nest eggs. Stevenson. SF
(Ramsay. Nest eggs. SF) Nevin. Return of the birds. TC New calash. Terhune. CC New moon. Sawyer. WS
(Hubbard. Pretty moon. MSG) New Year. Gaynor, SC2 New Year. Gebauer. HS New Year. Seidel. HR New Year greeting. Sherwood. HS
New Year is beginning. See Sherwood. New Year greeting. HS New Year is my mother. See April. SL2 *New Year's day is coming. Gaynor. SCI Newman. Lead kindly light. TLB News for gardeners. Knowlton. NS Newsboy. Hailmann. HR Nice little mermaid lived under the sea. See Fairlamb. Little
mermaid. StN Nigarepolskan. FDM Night. Neidlinger. ES2 Night and day. Stanley. StN
(Warren. Night and day. StN)
(Wiggin. Night and day. KC) Night comes over the hills, dear. See Rittmeyer. Night song.
TLB Night comes to guard the sleeping earth. See Neidlinger.
Night. ES2 Night moth. Gaynor. SC2 Night song. Rittmeyer. TLB Night was near, a day was near. See Smith. Hope carol.
TLB Nightfall in Dordrecht. DeKoven. FSC *Nightingale, O nightingale. Alabieff. FS Night's shadows falling, men to rest are calling. See Fleming.
Integer Vitae. TLB Night's song. Behr. HMC1
Music only Nikolina. Foote. StN *Nineteen birds. Elliott. MG Nocturne: Go-to-sleep fairies. See Forester. HMC1
Music only *Nodding daisies nod away. Bingham. BM Noel, noel, the Christ is born! Shelly. WS

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