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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Mother's birthday. Schwartz. BSS
Mother's busy sewing. See Cole. How the baby was named.
CM Mother's hymn. Bacon. EL
(Hailmann. Teachers' hymn. HR)
(Teachers' hymn, 11. KC) Mother's knives and forks. Gaynor. SCI Mother's little Olle walks in the wood. See Olle and the bear.
KK Mother's little pets are we together. See Mother's pets. KK Mother's lullaby babies. Sheehan. OSM Mother's pets. KK Mountain polka. See Fjallnaspolska. FDM
Music only Mountain march. BFD Mountain march. FDM
Music only Mouse and cat. Knight. HS *Mow, mow, the oats. HC Mowers. Tabram. KC Mowing grass. Froebel. SM Mowing song. Smith. SL1 Mozart. Come, lovely May. RCS
------God's love. SHS
------Going to sleep. HR
(Asleep. HR)
Ball songs, no. 10. PS)
(Hubbard. Little ball lies in my hand. MSG)
------Good-bye song. SHS
------Good morning to the sunshine. HR
------Horse-shoeing. HR
------Lullaby. SHS
------Minuet. HMC2
Music only
------Morning greeting. SHS
------Morning hymn. HR
------Rain song. SHS
------Rippling, purling. HR
(Gilchrist. Rippling, purling little river. SM)
(Rippling, purling little river. RCS)
------Second ring song. SHS
------Summer joy. HR
------Theme from sonata. HMC1
Music only
------Two hands I have. HR
Mueller. Lamplighter. SHS
------Miller's flowers. FS
Muellers Blumen. See Shubert. Miller's flowers. FS

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