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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Morning thanksgiving. Reed. HS
Mornings frosty grow, and cold. See Conrade. In September,
GS Morris dance:—"Laudnum bunches." BFD Morris off. NEB1 Morris on. NEB1 Morton. Air is filled with the echoes. WS
------Christmas picture. HS
------First Christmas. HS—WS
(Reinecke. First Christmas. GS)
------Little mice are creeping. WS
------Thanksgiving song. WS
(Conrade. Thanksgiving day. GS)
(Hubbard. Thanksgiving day. MSG)
(Sleigh-ride. HR) Mosenthal. Minuet. StN
(Damrosch. Minuet. StN)
(Fairlamb. Minuet. StN)
(Fisher. Minuet. StN)
------Punkydoodle and Jollypin. StN
------Sweet red rose. StN
(Bartlett. Sweet red rose. StN)
(Ingraham. Sweet red rose. StN) Moth of the night. See Gaynor. Night moth. SC2 Mother Annika. KK Mother day. Gaynor. GS
Mother dear, Jerusalem. See Ward. Jerusalem alone. TLB Mother dear, so kind and good. See Hurd. Family. PTS Mother eye, so blue and tender. See Reinecke. Mother love.
RCS Mother, good and dear, Froebel. MP *Mother Holly. Gaynor. LL Mother how pretty the moon looks tonight. See Hubbard.
Pretty moon. MSG
(Sawyer. New moon. WS) Mother in unity with her child. Froebel. MP Mother love. Reinecke. RCS Mother my love, if you'll give me your hand. See Gilchrist.
Child and mother. FSC Mother Nature and Mr. Wind. Funkhouser. FSK Mother says I must practise. See Terhune. Spinet. CC "Mother, see the moon." See Froebel. Boy and the moon.
MP Mother sings. Sinding. EFS Mother Tabbyskins. Elliott. MG ^Mother, will you buy me a milking can? JB Mother's birthday. Reinecke. FC
(Reinecke. Birthday song. SL1)

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