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150                         Index to Kindergarten Songs
*Mistress Cow stand at the gate. Neidlinger. ES Mistress Doh and her neighbors. Gaynor. SCI *Mistress Mary. Elliott. MG
(Gaynor. Mistress Mary. LL) *Mistress mine, where are you roving? Marzials. CPP Mrs. Pussy, sleek and fat. See Roeske. Mrs. Pussy's dinner.
PFP " Mrs. Pussy's dinner. Roeske. PFP Mistress Sparrow, pert and perky. See Gaynor. Mr. and Mrs.
Sparrow. SC2 Mit dem Pfeil, dem Bogen. See Weber. Hunter's song. RCS Mit einer Primula veris. See Grieg. First primrose. FS Mix a pancake, stir a pancake. See Krakoviak, I. FS Mokrejs. Field mouse. HMC1
Music only ------Shoemaker. HMC1
Music only Molloy. Ding, dong! StN
(Hoffman. Ding, dong! StN) ------Snow-flakes. StN
(Warren. Snow-flakes) StN) ------Wren and the hen. StN
(Bartlett. Wren and the hen. StN) Molly Malone. LBS
(Cockles and mussels. FS) Mond, der scheint. See Wenk. Nursery clock. RCS *Monday night, Tuesday night. JB
Monday's Dolly's washing day. See Gaynor. Little house­wife. SCI Monk. Abide with me. TLB Monkey married the baboon's sister. See Monkey's wedding.
OYA Monkey's wedding. OYA Month of May. Cole. CM Montz. Birds flying. IMS
------Blacksmith. IMS
------Butterflies. IMS
------Chopping wood. IMS
------Church bells. IMS
------Circle march. IMS
------Feeding chickens. IMS
------Fire bells. IMS
------Flags. IMS
------For prayer. IMS
------Good morning bows. IMS
------Horses trotting. IMS
------Loading and unloading. IMS
------Millwheel. IMS

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