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Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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148                         Index to Kindergarten Songs
Migration song. Hill. SHS
Milk for supper. Smith. LCD
Milking time. Gaynor. SC2
Milkweed babies. Smith. SL2
Milkweed pods are ripe and brown. See Gaynor. Milkweed
seeds. SC2 Milkweed seeds. Gaynor. SC2 Mill. EL
(Hubbard. Miller. MSG) Mill. WS
(Anschuetz. Mill by the rivulet. HR) Mill. Gaynor. SC2 Mill. Glueck. FS Mill. Hitte. DM Mill. Reed. TGS
(Reinecke. Mill-wheel. SM) Mill. Reinecke. FC
(Adaptation in SLI) Mill. Roeske. PFP *Mill by the rivulet. Anschuetz. HR
(Mill. WS) Mill goes toiling slowlv around. See DeKoven. Nightfall in
Dordrecht. FSC Millard. Sing-away bird. StN Miller. Bluebird. GS
------Spring secrets. EL
------Tick! Tock. SM
Miller. PS
Miller. USI
Miller. Hubbard. MSG
(Mill. EL) Miller. Koehler. HR Miller, have you nought for grinding? See Koehler. Miller.
HR Miller of Dee. Smeltzer. SZ Miller's flowers. Schubert. FS *Million little diamonds. Burdett. StN
(Damrosch. Million little diamonds. StN)
(Tufts. Winter jewels. CL)
(Walker. Winter jewels. WS) Million wee cradles are curtained with green. See Knowlton.
Pinky wild rose. NS Millstone. Smith. SLI Millwheel. EL
(Conrade. Millwheel. GS)
(Hubbard. Round and round it goes. MSG) Millwheel. PS
(Clip, clap. RSC)

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