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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Merry frogs are blithe and gay. See Hailmann. Frogs. HR Merry-go-round. Loomis. HMC2
Music only Merry-go-round. See Carrousel. BFD Merry, happy little children. HR Merry helpers. Stangenberger. HR Merry lay of June. Knowlton. NS Merry life. Denza. TLB
(Denza. Funiculi, funicula. FS)
(------Sailing o'er a summer sea. EFS)
Merry little fishes in the brook at play. See Brahms. Fish in
the brook. SM Merry little maiden. See Haydn. Child's May song. HR Merry- little men. Roeske. PFP Merry little playmate, at my side all day. See Hill. Light
and shadow. SHS Merry little river. See Roeske. Mill. PFP Merry little skip and dance. See Sherwood. Around the May­pole. HS *Merry little snowflakes dancing in the air. Hill. SHS Merry little snowflakes dancing thro* the street. See Reinecke.
Snowflakes. HR Merry may the keel row. FS Merry, merry, merry, merry, Christmas bells. See Murray.
Merry Christmas bells. WS
(Batchellor. Merry Christmas bells. GS) Merry mice stay in their holes. See Koehloer. Mice. HR Merry month of May. Gaynor. LL Merry rain. Bartlett. StN Merry wind. Smith. LCD *Merry wind came racing. Knowlton. NS Merry workers. Smith. SL2 Messenger of spring. RSC Messenger from cloudland. BSS Messiah. Handel. TLB Methfessel. Dandelion. SHS Mice. Koehler. HR 'Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam. See Bishop.
Home, sweet home. EFS—FS—LBS 'Mid the winter storms we're sleeping. See Reissmann. Wak­ing flowers. RCS Midsummer frolics. Gilchrist, StN Midsummer night's dream. Macfarren. TLB Miew, miew, purr, purr, I am a cat you see. See Valentine.
Cat. VBD *Mighty fortress is our God. Luther. EFS
(Luther. Ein' feste Burg. TLB)
(Luther. Safe stronghold. FS)

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