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Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Menard. Slumber song. BSS Mendelssohn. Allegro. HMC1
Music only ------Child's good-bye. HR
(Sawyer. Good-bye to the flowers. WS)
------Greeting. FS
------Greeting. RCS
------If with all your hearts. TLB
------March of the priests. HMC2
Music only
------O rest in the Lord. TLB
------O, wert thou in the cold blast. TLB
Raindrops. HMC1
Music only
------Sleep, gentle babe. TLB
------Spring song. HMC1
Music only
------Spring song. SL1
Merkel. Polonaise. HMC2
Music only Mermaid. Marzials. CPP Merot. Youth has gone. FS Merrily away they fly. See Fischer. Bees. HR Merrily, form a ring. Hubbard. MSG
(Heerwart. Merrily, merrily. HR)
(Smith. Forming the ring. SL2) Merrily in the brooklet clear. See Froebel. Fishes in the
brook. MP *Merrily, merrily let us form a ring. Heerwart. HR
(Hubbard. Merrily, form a ring. MSG)
(Smith. Forming the ring. SL2) Merrily, merrily, the anvil rings. See Hill. Blacksmith's song.
SHS Merrily swinging on brier and weed. See Conrade. Robert of
Lincoln. GS Merrily we dance. Smith. SL1 Merry and swift in the crystal stream. See Kohl. Fish in the
brook. SM *Merry bells of Easter. NS Merry chimes. KK Merry Christmas bells. Batchellor. GS
(Murray. Merry Christmas bells. WS) Merry Christmas bells. Hitte. DM *Merry Christmas has come. Wiggin. KC Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! we sing and we say. See
Knowlton. December. NS *Merry Christmas now is here. Gaynor. SCI *Merry Christmas to our friends. HS

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