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Singing Games and Folk Songs

Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
May day. Coonley. GS
May day invitation. Sherwood. HS
May is trav'ling hither. See May. PS
May our Emperor's reign endure. See Kimi-go-yo. TLB
May pole dance.—"Bluff King Hal." BFD
May Queen. Gaynor. GS
May song. Smith. TLB
May song. Strong. HS
May-time has come. RCS
May-time is coming. See May-time has come. RCS
Maypole song. Hubbard. MSG
Maypole style. JB
Mazurka. Lichner. HMC2 Music only
------Wilm. HMC2
Music only
Meadow daisy. Taubert. RCS
Meadow talk. Fisher. StN
Meeting. FS
Meeting of the waters. TLB
Mein Schatz ist ein Reiter. See My knight is a rider. RCS (My trooper)
Meissner. Brownie firefly. ASC
------Granddaddy longlegs. ASC
------Hearing. ASC
—— Honey bee and clover. ASC
------In China. ASC
------In Germany. ASC
------In Holland. ASC
------In Japan. ASC
------In Scotland. ASC
------Katy did. ASC
------Mr. Bumble Bee. ASC
------Seeing. ASC
------Smelling. ASC
------Tasting. ASC
------Touching. ASC
Mellow light is shining. See Martin. Autumn. MSL
Melody in F. Rubinstein. HMC1 Music only
Memorial day. Flotow. GS
Memorial day. Stetson. HS
Memorial hymn. Allen. TLB
Men of Harlech! in the hollow. See March of the men of Har­lech. TLB
Men of Harlech, march to glory. Sec March of the men of Har­lech. FS
Men! whose boast it is. See Lang. True freedom. TLB

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