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142                         Index to Kindergarten Songs
March. Hollaender. HMC2
Music only March. Knowlton. NS March. Rogers. KM March like gallant soldiers, rataplan. See Reinecke. Rataplan.
FCHR March! march! comrades gay. See Wandering workmen. SL2 March of FingalTs men. Reinhold. HMC2
Music only March of the men of Harlech. FS March of the men of Harlech. TLB March of the priests. Mendelssohn. HMC2 March together and never stop. See Smith. Wheel-wright.
SM Marche militaire. Concone. HMC2
Music only Marching; no's 22-30. PS Marching: no. 22. PS
(Koehler. Let us march without a blunder. HR) Marching, no. 25. PS
(Adaptation: Equal measure. HR) Marching exercise. KC Marching 'round the valley. USI Marching song. Stevenson. CGVLBSSS
For composers see Stevenson. Marching song. Marching song for Froebel's birthday. Rockwell. KC Marella. Half past twelve. RCS Margery Daw. BB Marguerite. JB Marquerites. Gaynor. LL Marion, May and Maud have not passed me by. See Schlesinger.
Bronze, brown eyes. StN Marianina. See Sea breeze. FS Marie Antoinette. Children and the sheep. HR
(Cole. Sheep. CM)
(Hill. Children and the sheep. SHS)
------Return. FS
Marien-wuermchen. See Schumann. Lady bird. FS Marionetts. Reinecke. HMC1
Music only Marjorie Daw. Smeltzer. SZ Marjorie's almanac. Warren. StN Making time. Hitte. DM Mariner of old, when he sailed to sea. See Neidlinger. Beacon
of long ago. ES2 Marriage. NG
Marseillaise. De L'Isle. EFSFS Marseilles hymn. See Marseillaise.

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