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140                              INDEX TO Kl NDERGARTEN SoNGS
Lullaby. Elliott. MG—SM
(Lullaby. HR)
(Walker. Baby lullaby. WS) Lullaby. Fairlamb. StN
(Allen. Lullaby. StN) Lullaby. Foote. TLB
(Henderson. Golden slumbers kiss your eyes. StN
(Golden slumbers kiss your eyes. RCS) Lullaby. Foster. TC Lullaby. Gaynor. SC2 Lullaby. Giffe. BSS Lullaby. Mozart. SHS Lullaby. Reed. TGS Lullaby and good morning. Hill. SHS Lullaby and good-night! See Brahms. Cradle song. FS *Lullaby baby, go to sleep. BSS Lullaby ball song. KC Lullaby, lullaby, Baby must sleep. See Tufts. Cradle song.
CL Lullaby, lullaby, twilight is falling. See Dietrich. Woodland
lullaby. TC Lullaby, my darling, shut your eyes to sleep. See Giffe. Lul­laby. BSS Lullaby song. Hahn. BSS Lullabye. Hurd. PTS Lully. By the moon's pale light. FS Lurlei. Silcher. RCS
(Silcher. Loreley. FS) "Lust'ger Schweizerbu' " See Country dance, I. FDM
Music only Luther. Ein' feste Burg. TLB
(Luther. Mighty fortress is our God. EFS)
(Luther. Safe stronghold. FS) Lvoff. We praise Thee, Lord. FS
------Rise, crowned with light. TLB
Lyndhurst. TLB
*M. O. for Maudie-O. JB
Ma Normandie. See Berat. My Normandy. FS
Macdonald. Little white lily. CL
(Smith. Little white lily. SL2)
(Walker. Little white lily. WS) Macfarren. Mid-summer night's dream. TLB ------Single chants. HMC1
Music only
------Three fishes. TLB
McHugh. October. GS
Macirone. O hush thee, my baby. FS

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