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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Loeschhorn. Little juggler. HMC2 Music only.
------Rider upon the rockinghorse. HMC
Music only.
Logs begin their journey in the mountains. See Neidlinger. Journey of the logs. ESI
*London bridge is falling down. BGHCJBNGOYAUSI
(Adaptation: London bridge. BB) (Adaptation: London bridge. NEB1) (Adaptation: London bridge. RCS)
Lonely bird. PS
Long. Little wind. GS
Long ago in Bethlehem, the gentle mother mild. See Reed. Christmas. HS
Long ere the morn expects the return of Apollo from the ocean Queen. See Marzials. Hunter in his career. CPP
Long long ago the angels sang. See Elliott. Christmas carol. SL1
Long, long time, and a long time ago. See Long time ago. NEB2
*Long, long weary day. EFS
Long time ago. NEB2
Long years ago, by Bethlehem town. See Martin. When Jesus
came. MSL Long years ago in Bethlehem. See Reed. Christmas. HSTGS
Long years ago in David's town. See Kies. Come, let our lives
like Jesus' shine. MSL Longfellow. Holy Spirit, truth divine. TLB Longfellow. Atkinson. GS Longing. Cole. TLB Longing for spring. Reinecke. RCS Looby light. BB
(Here we come, Looby Loo. JB)
(Looby Loo. BGHCNEB1)
(Looby Loobv. LBS) Looby Loo. NEB'lBGHC
(Here we come. Looby Loo. JB)
(Looby light. BB)
(Looby Looby. LBS) Looby, Looby. LBS
(Here we come, Looby Loo. JB)
(Looby light. BB)
(Looby Loo. GHCNEB1) Look at little Harry. See Wiggin. Imitation game. KC
(Little master of gymnastics. PS)
(Smith. Choosing the game. SL1) Look at our teacher, showing the game. See Hailmann. Teacher
of gymnastics. HR
(Variant: Little master of gymnastics. PS)

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