INDEX To Kindergarten Songs Including
Singing Games and Folk Songs

Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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I ndex to Kindergarten Songs
Little toy dog is covered with dust. See DeKoven. Little Boy Blue.
FSC Little travelers. Gilchrist. HS Little vocal lesson. Gaynor. SCI Little waiters. Wiggin. KC Little washerwoman. KK
(As we go round the mulberry bush. NG)
(Going round the mulberry bush. HR)
(Here we go round the mulberry bush. HC)
(Mulberry bush. BGCBOFSJBLBS) Little weary winged bees. See Randegger. At night. TC Little white cloudlets. See Smith. Snow clouds. SL1 *Little white daisy. Smith. SL1 *Little white feathers. Smith. SL1
(Conrade. Little white feathers. GS) *Little white lily sat bv a stone. Tufts. CL
(Smith. Little white lilv. WS)
(Walker. Little white lily. SL2) Little white snowdrop, just waking up. See Waiting to grow. EL
(Turner. Waiting to grow. EL) Little wind. Conrade. GS Little window. Beethoven. HR Little window. Froebel. MP
(Wiggin. Window. KC)
(Hubbard. Oh! see the light. MSG) Little window. Gilchrist. SM Little woman. BB
(There was a little woman. RCS) Little woodpecker and I. Walker. WS Little worm. Hubbard. MSG *Little yellow dandelion. Gaynor. SCI
Little yellow goldenrod. See Conrade. Autumn of flowers. GS Little yellowhead. Neidlinger. SSS Lively jig. NEB2 Liverpool girls. NEB2 Lizzards. Hubbard. MSG
(Adaptation: Knowlton. Over in the meadow. NS) Lo, here I step within the ring. See By streamlet and leafy dale
KK Lo! sunk in each others* arms they lie. See Froebel. Brothers
and sisters. MP
(Hubbard. Brothers and sisters. MSG) Loag. In the springtime. GS *Loaves are burning. JB Loch Lomond. EFSFSTLB Locomotive. Montz. IMS Loeschhorn. Jumping the rope. HMC2MO
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