INDEX To Kindergarten Songs Including
Singing Games and Folk Songs

Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Little playmate, walk with me. See Hayden. Visiting game. HC Little Polly Flinders. See Polly Flinders. LBS
Little Polly Flinders alwrays loved the fire. See Smeltzer. Polly
Flinders. SZ Little pony. EL Little pony. Hering. HR
Little rain-drop, sighing. See Barnby. West wind. TC Little rain-drops. Tufts. CL Little red lark. EFS—FS
Little river runs away. See Chadwick. Brook. TC Little rivulet. Bertini. HR
(Boott. Run, little rivulet, run. RCS—WS)
*Little Robin Redbreast. Bingham. BM
Little Robin Redbreast sat upon a tree. See Bacon. Robin
Redbreast EL Little Robin Redbreasts. Tufts. CL Little round head and a little red bonnet. See Ingraham. Little
Miss Clover. StN Little seeds have a nice warm bed. See Sheehan. Seed song. OSM
Little sheep were fast asleep. See Allen. Christmas carol. EL
Little shoemaker. Gaynor, SCI
Little shoes are sold at the doorway of Heaven. See Blake. Dodo.
RCS Little Sir William. Maitland. NEB1
Little snowflakes falling lightly. See Knowlton. Little friends. NS Little soldier. Kuecken. RCS Little soldier. Martin. MSL Little soldiers. Hitte. DM Little song of gratitude. GS Little songs all full of joy. See Verdi. Little song of gratitude.
GS Little songs and dances. Smith. SL1 Little spinning song. Kullak. HMC1
Music only. Little squirrel, living there. See Roeske. Squirrel. PFP *Little squirrels, crack your nuts. Stoeckel. StN Little star. Hubbard. MSG Little star that shines so bright. See Elliott. Child and the star.
SL2—SM—MG^ *Little stars from night's dark skies. Atkinson. SV
Little stream goes laughing by. See Gaynor. Boating. SC2
Little sunbeam. Elliott. SL1
Little things. Jufts. CL
*Little thumb is one. Froebel. MP
*Little Tommy Titmouse. OYA
*Little Tommy Tucker. Elliott. MG
Little town of Bethlehem. Martin. MSL

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