INDEX To Kindergarten Songs Including
Singing Games and Folk Songs

Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
*Little fishes in the brook. Froebel. HR.
Little flowers came from the ground. See Smith. Easter song.
(At Easter time. WS) Little flowers you love me so. See Tufts. Little girl's fancies.
CL *Little four-years. Frazer. BSS Little French doll was a dear little doll. See Johns. Doll's
wooing. FSC Little friends. Knowlton. NS
Little frog in a pond am I. See Gaynor. Frog and horse. SCI Little frogs hop in the pond. See Hailmann. Hopping. HR Little frosty snowflakes. See Smith. To a snowflake. LCD Little game for little folks. WS Little gardener. SM Little gardener. Froebel. MP
(Hubbard. Garden bed. MSG) Little gardener. Reinecke. SM Little gardener. Smith. SL2 Little gardener. Smith. LCD *Little gardens. Walker. WS Little geese your feathers preen. See Gaynor. Liesel, the
goose-girl. LL. Little girl's fancies. Tufts. CL Little gold leaf dancing gaily on the tree. See Dugan. Wind
and the leaves. EL Little gray pigeon. See Gaynor. Pigeon. SC2 Little gypsy dandelion. See Bingham. Dandelion. BM Little Hamburger. FDM
Music only Little Harry Hughes and the Duke's daughter. NG Little hickory nut. Knowlton. NS Little housewife. Gaynor. SCI Little Indian maiden, have you come to play? See Terhune.
Red and white. CC Little Indian, Sioux, or Crow. See Stevenson. Foreign chil­dren. CGV—SS
For composers See Stevenson. Foreign children. Little Indians. Smeltzer. SZ *Little Jack-a-Dandy. Smeltzer. SZ *Little Jack Frost went up the hill. HR
(Cornwell. Little Jack Frost. WS)
(Walker. Little Jack Frost. WS) *Little Jack Horner sat in a corner. CBO
(Elliott. Little Jack Horner. MG)
(Gaynor. Little Jack Horner. LL) *Little John Bottlejohn. Bristow. StN
(Gilchrist. Little John Bottlejohn. StN)
(Stanley. Little John Bottlejohn. StN)

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