INDEX To Kindergarten Songs Including
Singing Games and Folk Songs

Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Little card so dainty. See Sewing song. WS
Little cat climbs up the tree. See Fischer. Cat on the tree. HR
Little chickens. Hailmann. HR
Little child. Smith. FSC
Little child asleep. Smith. SLl
Little child is in its bed. See Smith. Little child asleep. SLl
Little child to us has sped. See Seidel. New Year. HR
Little children, can vou tell. See Sawyer. Old English carol.
EL Little children, come let us form our ring. See Third ring song.
SHS Little children, leave your play. See Smith. Harvest song.
SL2 Little children, little children. See Mozart. Lullaby. SHS Little child's gift carol. Chapek. HS. *Little cock sparrow sat on a high tree. BB—FS
(Elliott. Little cock-sparrow. MG) Little Cossack. FS
(Russian lullaby. TLB) Little cousins, red and brown. See Smith. Hard and soft balls.
S12 Little cunning pussy, tell me. See Pussy on the roof. PS Little dancing song. Smith. LCD Little disaster. BB Little dog says bow-wow-wow! See Gaynor. Foreign tongues.
SC2 Little doggie. Cole. CM
*Little dove with wings wide spreading. KK *Little dove, you are welcome. Walker. WS Little doves. Wiggin. KC
(Conrade. Little doves. GS) Little dreamer. Osgood. RCS
(Tufts. Little dreamer. CL) Little drops of dew. See Cole. Dewdrop. CM Little drops of water. See Tufts. Little things. CL *Little drops of water in a tiny shady spring. Neidlinger. ESI Little dustman. Brahms. EFS
(Brahms. Lullaby. SHS) Little elf. Schoenefeld. HMC2
Music only Little Elsie. Stanley. StN Little fairy. Knowlton. NS Little farmer, no's. 1 and 2. HR Little feet and lips be quiet. See Gaynor. Choosing a game.
Little fir tree in a forest grew. See Gaynor. Legend of the
Christmas tree. SCI Little fish. Kohl. HR
(Fishes. PS)

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