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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Lilt: "The Irish washerwoman/' FDM
Music only *Lily white and fair. KK
Lily white, then violet blue. See Smith. Flower garden. LCD Lincoln. Atkinson. GS Lindbald. Apple orchard. EFS
------Dalecarlian maiden's song. EFS
Lindsay. Memorial day. HS
Lines written in early spring. Waller. TLB
Lips say goodmorning. See Smith. Morning greeting. SL1
*List, fairest maiden, will you tread a dance with me? KK
List! the bells swing far and near. See Thompson. Glad Christmas
tide. EL List to the song of the wooden shoon. See Meissner. In Germany.
ASC Listen birds! ah, pretty birds. See Gaynor. Farewell to the birds.
SCI Listen! countless bees are humming. See Osgood. Happy spring
waltz. TC Listen, listen! it seems to me I hear it thunder. See Raining. HR Listen, listen, listen while I sing. See Damrosch. Joy, hope and
love. StN Listen, little children, maybe you will hear. See Cole. Sunbeam
voices. CM Listen, Lordlings, unto me. See Carol for Christmas eve. RCS Listen, mother dearest! See Schwartz. Mother's birthday. BSS Listen, the sun is calling. See Gaynor. Growing. GS Litany. Knowlton. N S
Little acts of kindness. See Koehler. Kindness. HR Little Annie's garden. Smith. SM Little artist. Froebel. MP
Little ball hops out my hand. See Hubbard. Hall. MSG Little ball lies in my hand. See Asleep. HR
(Ball song, No. 10. PS)
(Hubbard. Little ball lies in my hand. MSG)
(Mozart. Going to sleep. HR) Little ball is lying here. See Little ball lies in my hand. *Little ball pass along. Sawver. WS Little bird. RCS
*Little bird, from out my hand. Smith. SL1 Little bird hops in the nest. See Hops in the nest. HR Little bird in the cradle. Brewster. BSS
Little bird, little bird, come to me. See Maiden and the bird. HR Little bird made a nest. Hubbard. MSG
Little bird on weary pinion. See Nevin. Return of the birds. TC Little bird sat on the twig of a tree. See Hubbard. Bird on the
tree. MSG *Little bird with eager wing. Conrade. GS

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