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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Light bird. Jenks. EL Light bird. Kohl. SM Light bird. Smith. SL1
(Adapted from Froebel. Light bird. MP)
(Variant: Hubbard. Oh, birdie dear. MSG) Light bird. Smith. SM Light bird. Stetson. HS Light bird on the wall. Froebel. MP
(Hubbard. Oh, birdie dear. MSG)
(Adaptation: Smith. Light bird. SL1) Light is fading out. See Foster. Lullaby. TC Light within the window gleams. See Froebel. Church window
and church door. MP
(Hubbard. Church bell. MSG)
(Variant: Froebel. Church. SL2) Lighthouse. Hurd. PTS Lighthouse. Smith. LCD
Lightly fairies go tripping to and fro. See Fairy play. KK Lightly in my heart they sing. Sec Gade. Greeting to spring. RCS
(Kies. Greeting to spring. MSL) Lightly, lightly falls the snow. See Schubert. Winter song. WS Lightly our boat is rocking. See Ring. Boating song, SCI *Lightly row, lightlv row! RCS
(Boat song. HRóWS) Lightly swinging in his cradle. See Brewster. Light bird in the
cradle. BSS Lightly trip on dancing feet. See Gaynor. Flowers' ball. LL Lights from the parlor and kitchen shone out. See Stevenson.
escape at bedtime. CGV
(Fisher. Escape at bedtime. CGV) Like a band in tree tops playing. See Grove. Bird band. HS Like a fairy. Taubert. RCS Like a leaf or feather in the windy, windy weather. See Smith.
Whirabout. LCD *Like as a father. Cherubini. TLB Like baby. Cole. CM Like gathering thunder spreads a cry. See Wilhelm. Watch on
the Rhine. FS
(Wilhelm. Watch by the Rhine. EFS) Like silver lamps in a distant shrine. See Stegall. Christmas
carol. RCS
(Stegall. Manger throne. FS) Like small curled feathers white and soft. See Sawyer. While
shepherds watched their flocks by night. EL *Like the ball we move around. Call. WS Lilies and the cross. Kies. MSL
Lilies are not whiter. See Kies. Lilies and the cross. MSL *Lilies sweet. Spohr. HS

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