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Index to Kindergarten Songs
*Lead, kindly light^ Dykes. TLB
Leap frog. Loomis. HMC2 Music only
Learning to dance. Schoenefeld. HMC2 Music only
Leather bottel. Marzials. CPP
*Leaves are green. BG—USI
Leaves, flowers and fruits. Sherwood. HS
Leaves had a party one autumn dav. See Gaynor. Leaves' party. SCI
Leaves' party. Gaynor. SCI
Leaves today are whirling. See Thalberg. November, No. 1. GS
Lecocq. Valentine day, no. 1. GS
Lee. Toyman. HS
Left foot first and then the right. See Marching exercise. KC
Left foot! right foot! SL2
Left, left! listen to the music. See Gaynor. Marching song. SCI
*Leg over leg as the dog goes to Dover. LBS
Legend of the Christmas tree. Gaynor. SCI
Leise zieht durch mein Gemueth. See Mendelssohn. Greeting. RCS
Lengthwise, crosswise. Groebel. MP (Hubbard. Target. MSG) (Adaptation: Hurd. Kite. PTS) (Adaptation: Reed. Kite. TGS)
Lesson from the bee. Cole. CM (Tufts. Bust bee. CL)
Lesson in arithmetic. Gaynor. LL
Let little hands bring blossoms sweet. See Rossini. Bring blos­soms sweet. GS
Let me learn a busy trade. Wiggin. Trade game, I. KC (Workingman. HR)
Let me now thy finger take. See Froebel. Little artist. MP
Let others seek the shady places. See Gaynor. Song of the sun­flower. LL
Let our voices, dearest comrades. See Reading. Dulce domum. TLB
Let's all sing together. See Hurd. Goodbye. PTS
*Let's go sliding down the hill. Frazer. BSS
Let's have a game with a little ball. See Hailmann. Tossing game. HR
Let's play a new game, just show us the way. See Hurd. Intro­duction song. PTS
Let's play soldiers. Becker. HMC2 Music only
Let^s sing a song about the horse. See Neidlinger. Horse. ES2
Let's stand on the corner. See Hailmann. Street car. HR
Let the breezes, the breezes blow. See Gaynor. Kite. LL

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