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126                              INDEX TO Kl NDERGARTEN SONGS
Larcom. Easter hymn. WS
------In the tree top. NS—StN
— Little rivulet. HR
------Rollicking Robin. NS
------Run, little rivulet, run. WS
------Shower and flower. WS
------Sing-away bird. StN
------Sing, little children, sing. KC
------Tiny little snowflakes. WS
------Wind flowers. HS
Largo. TLB
Lark. EFS
Lark. Sheehan. OSM
*Lark, sweet lark. House. TC
Larned. Raindrops. HS
------Sunbeams. HS
Lass of Richmond Hill. Hook. FS—TLB Lass with the delicate air. EFS "Lassie." See Kull-Dansen. FDM Music only.
*Lassie and I, and lassie and I. KK
Lassie dance. BFD
Lassus. Matona, lovely maiden. TLB
Last evening Cousin Peter came. See Cousin Peter. LBS
Last night these songs were finished. See Neidlinger. Carnival.
ES Last rose of summer. FS
(Tis the last rose of summer. EFS) Last song. Martin. MSL Last to the chamber where I lie. See Stevenson. In port. SF
(Ramsay. In port. SF) Laud'num bunches. NEB2
Music only "Laudnum bunches." See Morris dance. BFD
Music only Lavender cry. Maitland. NEB1 *Lavender's blue,# diddle, diddle. CBO—FS—RCS Lawson. Come live with me. CPP
Lay them neatly edge to edge. See Smith. Garden fence. SLl Lay your head upon my arm. See Atkinson. Doll's cradle song.
GS Lazy cat. HR
(Elliott. Lazy cat. MG) „^*Lazy Mary. NG Lazy sheep, pray tell us why. See Marie Antoinette. Children
and the sheep. HR
(Cole. Sheep. CM)
(Hill. Children and the sheep. SHS)

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