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Singing Games and Folk Songs

Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Lads and lassies out a-walking. See Social game. HC
Lady bird. Schumann. FS
*Lady bird, lady bird, fly away home. LBS
*Lady bird, lady bird, fly away home. Brown. EL
Lady bug. Gaynor. SC2
*Lady fair, oh, lady fair. HC
Lady mine, thy casement open. See Barnby. Morning song. TLB
Lady moon, lady moon, sailing so high. See Smith. Baby and the
moon. SL1
(Baby and the moon. SM) Lady moon, lady moon, where are you roving? See Sawyer. Lady
moon. WS
(Hubbard. Lady moon. MSG) Laendler. See Two stars. FS Lake. TLB
Lamb. Which way does the wind blow? WS Lamb. Chadwick. TLB Lambkin. Haydn. GS
Lambkins frisk and the lambkins play. See Gaynor. Happy lamb­kins. SCI Lambs. Rocske. PFP Lamplighter. Mueller. SHS Lamplighter. Stevenson. LBS
(Bell. Lamplighter. LBS) Lamps now glitter down the street. See Stevenson. Armies in
the fire. SF
(Ramsay. Armies in the fire. SF) Land. My old friend John. FS Land of counterpane. LBS—SS
For composers see Stevenson. Land of counterpane Land of Nod. Gaynor. SCI Land of Nod. Stevenson. CGV—SS
For composers see Stevenson. Land of Nod Land of story books. Stevenson. SS
(Bartlett. Land of story books. SS) Land to the leeward. Foote. TC
Land where the banners wave last in the sun. See Paine. Free­dom, our Queen. TC
(Strong. Freedom, our Queen. TC) Lands that need the gospel. Martin. MSL Lang. My love dwelt in a northern land. TLB
------To the fringed gentian. TLB
------True freedom. TLB
Lange. Cosaque. HMC2
Music only Language lesson. Gaynor. SC2 Larcom. Calling the violet. NS ------Childhood's gold. StN

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