INDEX To Kindergarten Songs Including
Singing Games and Folk Songs

Online catalogue of Kintergarten songs.

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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Knowlton. September. NS
(Conrade. September. GS)
(McLellan. September. EL)
------Sequel to an old story. NS
------Snowballs. NS
------Sow, sew, so. NS
------Summer showers. NS
------Ten little ponies. NS
------What Robin told. NS
(Johnson. What Robin told. BSS) Koehler. Arch. HR
------Children, children, quick make speed. HR
------Clocks and watches. HR
------Farewell work. HR
------Farmer. HR
(Farmer. LBS)
(Farmer. PS)
(Can you show us how the farmer? JB)
(Froebel. Farmer. SM)
(Farmer and the housewife. KK)
(Shall I show you how the farmer. RSC)
------Forward, homeward. HR
------Good-bye song. HR
------1 am a builder, HR
------Kindness. HR
------Let us march. HR
(Marching, No. 22. PS)
------Mice. HR
------Miller. HR
------Race. HR
------Skating. HR
------Skipping. HR
------Snail. HR
(Hubbard. Snail. MSG)
(Snail. PS—BG)
(Snail game. HC)
(Walker. Snail. WS)
------Softly, softly, softly. HR
------Storm. HR
------Time for play. HR
Kohl. _ Ball will wander. HR
------Bird's nest. SM
------Fish in the brook. SM
------Flower basket. SM
------Joiner. SM
------Light bird. SM
------Little fish. HR
(Fishes. PS)

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