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Index to Kindergarten Songs
Kinderwacht. See Schumann. Guardian angels. FS Kindness. Koehler. HR
*Kine, the kine, are homeward going. Jenkins. RCS King Arthur. CBO
(Gaynor. King Arthur. LL)
(Reinecke. Good King Arthur. FC) *King Arthur was King William's son. NG
(Variant: King William. HC—OYA—USI) King Cole. CBO
(Old King Cole. FS—LBS) *King of France. HC—BG—MC—USI King of the Barbarees. JB King Pansy. Gaynor. LL *King William was King James' son. HC—OYA—USI
(Variant: King Arthur was King William's son. NG) King's daughter sat in her lofty bow'r. See Kjerulf. Twilight
musing. FS King's land. HC Kingsley. As Joseph was a-walking. GS
------Lost doll. BSS—GS
------Sands of Dee. TLB
------Three fishers. TLB
------When all the world is young. FS
Kipling. Recessional. TLB
Kissing time. Chadwick. FSC
Kit, kit, kit, kitty kitty kitty. See Kitty pretty. LBS
Kitchen carol. Terhune. CC
Kite. Gaynor. LL
Kite. Hurd. PTS
(Variant: Reed. Kite. TGS)
(Adapted from Froebel. Lengthwise, crosswise. MP)
(Variant: Hubbard. Target. MSG) Kite time. Knowlton. NS Kitten and then bow-wow. Neidlinger. SSS Kittie put the kettle on. See Housekeeping. NG
(Variant: Polly put the kettle on. BB—OYA) Kitty cat. Gilchrist. StN
(Kitty cat and the mouse. RCS)
(Walker. Kitty cat and the mouse. WS) Kitty cat and the mouse. RCS
(Gilchrist. Kitty cat. StN)
(Walker. Kitty cat and the mouse. WS) Kitty cat, I hear a mouse. See Kitty cat and the mouse. RCS
(Gilchrist. Kitty cat. StN)
(Walker. Kitty cat and the mouse. WS) Kitty cat, kitty cat, so smooth is your fur. See Meissner. Touch­ing. ASC *Kitty white so slyly comes. BG—RCS—WS

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